My Guiding Principles

♦ I believe that we all need cheerleaders in our lives to encourage and inspire us to be the best that we can be.

♦ I believe that taking care of ourselves first, be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually allows us to be better wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and friends.

♦ I believe that finding balance in one’s life can help you be more content. Too many of us find ourselves classifying our lives in very black and white categories. Sometimes neutral, middle ground, is the goal to which one should strive.

♦ I believe that positive emotions are like money in the bank; they are resources that you can use when the need arises. This doesn’t mean you will never feel down, as mindless bliss isn’t a realistic goal. Instead, the aim is to create a balance, where your positive feelings and satisfactions with life outweigh your negative feelings and those good feelings are available to you when you are confronted with life’s challenges.

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